Vegan Pancakes With Bananas: Recipe Video

Do we necessarily need to use milk and eggs to make pancakes? We don’t. Pancakes can be 100% vegan and still be healthy and taste great. Just one condition, we will have to make the pancake batter ourselves.

Healthy Vegan Quesadilla And Pizza: Recipe Video

This inspiring Youtube video from ‘This Savory Vegan’ Youtube Channel shows two very easy-to-make Mexican vegan snacks – a vegan pizza and a vegan quesadilla. Both of these regular recipes need cheese, but since we are talking vegan here, cheese substitutes are used.

Crispy Amritsari Kulcha in Cooker: Recipe Video

Amritsari kulcha is a classic stuffed bread from Punjab that is traditionally made in a clay oven. The dough is made from refined wheat flour, and the stuffing is usually of spiced boiled potatoes.

Pitha / Bhakosa / Chana Dal Fara: Recipe Video

Bhakosa, also called pitha or fara, is a traditional North Indian snack. It is made using chana dal, herbs, and spices stuffed in a pocket of whole wheat dough. The pocket is then boiled in water and later fried in oil. Bhakosa is a kind of a fried dumpling, only it is not steamed but boiled before frying.

Easy Turkish Bread Recipe Video

This is the easiest bread you will make. It does not need an oven, needs just a few ingredients, and is ready very quickly. On top of that, it does not need eggs and can be made 100% vegan.

Teriyaki Tofu Steak: Recipe Video

“If tofu tastes this good, you will hardly miss meat.” This is the central message of this recipe video. And I agree. It is a tofu steak that looks great and tastes magical.

Real Milk But No Cows: Remilk Innovation That Will Save Our Planet

Can you imagine milk that looks and tastes just like dairy milk but does not come from a dairy animal? Yes, it is already possible. This is not plant-based milk such as almond or cashew, or oat milk. This is the real deal. You can make cheese or yogurt from this milk.

Vegetarian Chili Recipe Video

This inspiring video from the ‘Wyse Guide’ Youtube channel is an easy-to-follow recipe for vegetarian chili. Chili is a stew of beans in chili and tomato-based sauce. It usually contains some meat but can be made vegan or vegetarian simply by avoiding the meat.

Peanut And Jaggery Laddu Without Ghee: Recipe Video

This is a fantastic traditional laddu recipe that needs only two ingredients and does not require any cooking. The two ingredients are roasted peanuts and jaggery (Gud). The third ingredient that you see in the video is cardamom seed powder, used as a totally optional flavor.

Easy Mexican Beans: Recipe Video

This video from ‘The Happy Pear’ Youtube Channel shows a super-easy way to cook Mexican Beans. The recipe is innovative. It uses tinned baked beans, tinned sweet corn, and tinned chopped tomatoes. I guess all that saves time.