Dal Makhani By Chef Ranveer Brar: Recipe Video

Chef Ranveer Brar presents classic Dal Makhani in a mesmerizing video in which he talks about this recipe’s origin. According to the chef, Dal Makhani’s story started with three friends from Lahore (Pakistan) – Kundan Lal Jaggi, Thakur Das Maggu, and Kundan Lal Gujral who migrated to Delhi after the partition of India.

There they opened a restaurant – the famous Moti Mahal and one dish that they created in that restaurant was Dal Makhani. Today, it is one of the most ordered items in Indian restaurants all over the world.

Chef Brar’s recipe calls for the use of massive amounts of butter. However, I encourage you to use a vegan substitute of butter such as cashew butter, olive oil, coconut milk, etc. For more on vegan Dal Makhani, please read my article: Vegan Dal Makhani With A Simple Trick

Video credit: ‘Chef Ranveer Brar’ Youtube channel.

Green Moong Dosa Recipe: Super Healthy


Dosa is a healthy food, but it becomes even healthier when more green moong is used instead of the regular urad dal. Green moong dosa is also easier to make because it requires little or no fermentation and can be cooked as soon as you finish grinding the batter.

5 Traditional Punjabi Recipes From Chef Ranveer Brar

When it comes to presenting traditional Punjabi recipes, there are not many authorities like Chef Ranveer Brar. The authenticity of his Punjabi recipes demonstrates Chef Brar’s commitment not only to his profession but also to preserving the Punjabi culture. We can only guess how much research and preparation go into making his recipe videos that we find so easy to follow.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Mug Cookie: Recipe Video

Bake a vegan chocolate chip cookie in a mug within just one minute in a microwave. This super quick dessert is so tempting that you may want to just keep doing it. Watch the video and learn.

Video credit: ‘Veganbell’ Youtube channel

How To Make Plain And Flavored Vegan Mayo: Recipe Video

You can make vegan mayonnaise at home with a base of light & neutral oil and soy milk. Finish it with a bit of salt and lime juice, and that is it. Later, you can create your mayo’s special variants from this basic mayo by adding pickles or flavors such as garlic. This video will show you how.

Video credit: ‘Brownble’ Youtube channel

Drying Tomatoes In Food Dehydrator: How To Video


If sun-drying tomatoes is not a viable option for you, you can do it either in an oven or in a food dehydrator. Actually, it looks like the dehydrator is the best option because it lets you dry tomatoes without burning them.

You can even spray some oil on the tomatoes before drying them in a dehydrator.

Video credit: ‘CaliforniaGardener’ Youtube channel

The Best Way To Dry Tomatoes And Other Foods At Home


When I think of buying or using dried tomatoes, my first thought is of sun-dried tomatoes. I believe that would be your thought too. Sun-dried tomatoes are not only rich in flavor but also contain several nutrients. But are all sun-dried tomatoes healthy?

Oven-Dried Tomatoes: How To Dry And Preserve


Oven-dried tomatoes do not sound as sexy as sun-dried tomatoes but you and I both know that we will rather go with the easier method. One thing I can promise you though, once you watch this video your opinion of over-dried tomatoes will change. This video also has a bonus tip: how to preserve oven-dried tomatoes for future use.

These will lift the flavor of any pizza, salad, or sandwich. Can’t wait.

Video credit: ‘Rommy’s Recipes’ Youtube channel.

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The Coconut Milk Powder You Buy May Not Be Vegan


I recently bought a pack of coconut milk powder. And when I was buying it, I was certain that it was a vegan product because coconut milk is supposed to be vegan. But little did I know!

Chefs’ Secret To Making Perfect Idli At Home: Complete Recipe


Have you struggled with making idli at home? I know I have. I watched several Youtube videos, read several online articles, followed the recipes to the letter, but the idli I made was not very soft and not very fluffy. I was using the recommended parboiled rice and was mixing the ingredients in the right proportion, but the end result was still unsatisfactory. Was it even possible to make perfect idli at home?