10 Ways To Ferment Dosa Batter During Winter or In Cold Climate


Making dosa batter at home is a challenging process. An important part of the process is fermenting the batter to perfection, which can be difficult, particularly during the winter months, or in a cold climate. Thankfully, there are some methods which can be used to achieve or speed up fermentation of dosa batter. This article will cover ten of those methods.

What Is Tempeh? Is It Safe, and How Is It Cooked?

If you have seen tempeh in your supermarket or an online store, and are wondering what in the world it is, this article will introduce you to tempeh. You will learn how it is made, how it is cooked, and whether it is safe to eat. And I will also share a YouTube video, which will show you how to make and cook tempeh at home. Let’s begin.

What Is Silken Tofu & How Is It Different From the Regular Tofu?

If you have seen tofu in tetra packs being sold at online stores such as Amazon, and wondered what kind of tofu is that, and how is it different, this article will answer your questions. When I first saw a tofu brand, “Morinaga” or “Mori-Nu”, I had the same questions. It had the words “silken tofu” and “extra firm” on the same pack. Usually, the words firm and extra firm are associated with the regular tofu. Can silken tofu be extra firm as well? Let’s get the answers.

7 Veggies For Adding Flavor And Nutrition To Toor Dal

Toor dal is a much-loved staple in many cuisines. In India, it is prepared mostly as a curry. This curry is either a plain dal, with an optional tadka (tempering), or some vegetables are added to make it tastier and wholesome.

Is Toor (Arhar) Dal Good For Your Health?

Toor or Tur Dal (also called arhar or split pigeon pea) is one of the most commonly used pulses in India. And surprisingly, it has lately been in the news for getting too expensive, rather than any of its health-related properties. However, if you are wondering about the health benefits or side effects (mainly anti-nutritional properties) of consuming toor dal, this article will provide the necessary information.

Is Instant Coffee Good For Health? Let’s Get The Answer!

A cup of hot coffee is a part of the morning routine of many of us. And I believe that only a few lucky ones get to start their day with freshly brewed roasted coffee. The rest of us have to make do with the instant variety. Actually, there is a simmering debate as to which type is better, and as far as the popular perception goes, roasted coffee seems to be winning.

How Much Sugar In Horlicks, Bournvita, and Boost

The sugar content in the so-called health drinks for children has been in the news lately. The issue came into prominence when an Instagram influencer – FoodPharmer (https://www.instagram.com/foodpharmer/?hl=en) was forced to take down his video on Bournvita, which questioned the health-related claims of the brand.

5 Authentic & Easy To Cook Indian Vegan Curries

In case you wonder if there are any Indian curries that can be vegan and taste authentic at the same time, you are reading the perfect article. There are actually many such curries, but here, I am sharing the five which are easy to cook, and need only a few ingredients. I will also link excellent YouTube videos featuring vegan recipes for all the five curries.

Fat Content Comparison: Pringles Vs Lays

Many of us like, or rather love, potato chips (brand example – Lays) and potato crisps (brand example – Pringles). And generally, we know that these foods are fried, and would be high in fat. But which of the two, Lays and Pringles, contains more fat? And which variants among those are fattier than the others? Let us find out.

How Much Fat Is There In Namkeen Snacks Such As Aloo Bhujia?


Namkeen snacks, which are commonly called just “namkeen”, are hugely popular in India. Some of these are even part of the regular diet. One example of such a snack is Ratlami Sev, which is an essential ingredient in the recipe for poha, a breakfast staple in the central region of India. This popularity of namkeens is despite the fact that some variants, such as Bhujia Sev, contain over 40% fat.