Rice and Beans Combo: A Source of Complete Vegan Protein


Rice and beans combo, also lovingly called Rajma-Chawal in North India, makes for not only a delicious and filling meal, but also a superbly nutritious one. One major reason for this meal combo having a superstar status is its protein composition. It is a source of complete protein.

Is Peanut Butter Healthy? Are You Buying The Wrong Kind Of Peanut Butter?


Peanut butter is a hugely popular comfort food that is loved by both kids and adults. This tastier and more filling alternative to dairy butter is used not only as a spread, but is also an ingredient in many other snacks and desserts. But, is peanut butter is healthy?

5 Vegan Sources Of Complete Protein

You may have read in some places that only animal-based foods provide complete proteins. That is just not true. There are, in fact, several plant-based sources of complete protein. Here’s a list of the top 5 of those which are also commonly available.

How To Get Maximum Flavor And Health Benefits From Garlic

In this article, we will learn about garlic, and more importantly, how it should be used in cooking. Garlic has been a part of human food and medicine for thousands of years. Today, it is a flavoring ingredient in most cuisines of the world. It is also known to impart many health benefits.

Are Digestive Biscuits A Healthier Alternative To Regular Biscuits?


If you look online or at a biscuit shelf in a grocery store, you won’t miss the so-called “digestive” biscuit variety. Commercial biscuit makers advertise these as a healthier alternative to the regular biscuits. In this article, we will see whether that claim is true or not.

What Is Sabzi Masala, And How Is It Different From Garam Masala or Kitchen King Masala?


Garam masala has been a part of Indian cooking for a long time, and in the later years we have also learned the usage of kitchen king masala, which is quite different from the traditional garam masala. However, there is another type of masala mix out there, called sabzi masala, but its usage or composition is not so well known at present. Looking at it for the first time, one may even dismiss it as another gimmick created by commercial masala makers.

How To Cook Sona Masuri Brown Rice In Pressure Cooker

Sona Masuri, a hybrid of sona and masuri rice varieties, is considered a healthier alternative to regular white rice. Though, when you do a little study, you will find that the calorie count of sona masuri is only slightly lower than long grain rice varieties. When consumed in its white and polished form, sona masuri will be different only in terms of its aroma and texture, and not in terms of health benefits.

How To Cook Basmati Rice In Pressure Cooker

Basmati rice usually gets overcooked, unless you’re cautious and follow a tried and tested recipe. When rice gets overcooked, two things happen: one, it becomes sticky, and two, the grains break into smaller pieces. Imagine buying expensive basmati rice and then spoiling it while cooking. That should not happen.

11 Possible Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

In this article, you will read the 11 possible symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency. If you wish to know about the vegan sources of vitamin B12, please click here (link will open in new tab).

Vegan Sources of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the most talked about nutrients for those on a vegan diet. The importance of vitamin B12 comes from the fact that the human body is incapable of synthesizing this vitamin, and it must be consumed as part of our diet.