Traditional Punjabi Shalgam (Turnip) Ka Saag: Recipe Video

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Shalgam ka saag is a winter favorite in Punjab. It is cooked in a unique way but unfortunately, that traditional recipe is being forgotten very fast.

However, no matter how shalgam ka saag is cooked, it tastes amazing. As you will see in this recipe video, chef Harpal Singh Sokhi himself acknowledges that he would rather see the recipe evolve than die.

The chef has given some valuable insights into how shalgam ka saag was traditionally cooked, and we can all benefit from that.

One more thing, try using extra virgin olive oil instead of ghee. Trust me, the saag will still taste great. Shalgam ka saag is best enjoyed with makki ki roti.

The video is in Hindi but has English recap with slides at the end. Video credit: ‘chefharpalsingh’ Youtube channel.

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