Sooji & Besan Deep Fried Vegan Snack: Recipe Video

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A delicious and vegan Indian snack made with sooji (wheat semolina) and besan (gram flour). Trust me; it is as tasty and healthy as a deep-fried snack can get. You will love it.

I had more than one reason to feature this particular recipe video. One, this channel, Easy Home Tips, is one of my favorite Indian recipe channels. Second, Ms. Santosh Chauhan does a commendable job of finding and sharing amazing recipes of Indian snacks and meals.

Third, this particular recipe of an Indian fried snack that looks like a kebab tastes really nice. When deep-fried as suggested in the video, it does not absorb much oil. That is an extra bonus of this recipe.

The process takes some time because first, we need to prepare the mixture of sooji and besan, which, together with many herbs and spices, get pre-cooked. Then the mixture, which is like a dough, is shaped into little kebabs and is deep-fried.

This snack can be enjoyed with a tangy green chutney or a tomato sauce.

There is an option to use boiled potatoes instead of semolina if you want to make it gluten-free. However, the process will be different in that case.

Video credit: This recipe video in Hindi comes from the Easy Home Tips Youtube channel.


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