Authentic Gujarati Fermented Vegan Dhokla: Recipe Video

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This video from the Easy Home Tips Youtube channel shows you how to make authentic Gujarati fermented & vegan (no curd) dhokla. The recipe uses a mix of rice and lentils instead of besan (gram flour).

Most of the dhokla recipes on Youtube are those of instant dhokla, which is made from besan. Then, an aerating agent, such as Eno fruit salt, is added to the besan so that the dhokla comes out spongy.

Rice and lentils are used in this recipe, one part rice, half a part of chana dal, and half a part of yellow moong. First, the three ingredients are soaked in water for a few hours and then ground in a mixer grinder.

The ground mixture is then left to ferment overnight. This fermented mixture is the base of the dhokla. And yes, a bit of baking soda is added to make the dhokla extra spongy, but that may not be necessary.

The dhokla is then finished with sweetened and tempered water that is poured over it.

Due to the super healthy ingredients, and no artificial stuff like Eno, this fermented dhokla is the real deal. Try it; it’s much better than anything “instant.”

The video is in Hindi, and I promise to upload an English video soon as I find one.


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