Aloo Ki Launji: Traditional Amritsari Recipe Video

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Of the traditional Punjabi food recipes that are likely to be lost forever, Aloo Ki Launji is relatively high on the list. And if you know how good the recipe is, the possibility that no one will ever know about it in a few decades will surely break your heart.

You might argue that if the recipe is on YouTube, it will be there for anyone to discover. Please look at the number of new potato curry recipes posted on YouTube every day. You might agree that a traditional recipe that no one is even looking for may never get discovered.

The threat also comes from some so-called “Punjabi” chefs who dedicate the first two minutes of their recipe videos to advertising liquid hand soaps. Those “chefs” don’t care if anyone knows about Aloo Ki Launji or not!

Now, I am thrilled that Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi has given us this recipe, and I hope that sharing the recipe on my blog keeps it more visible.

Chef Harpal’s recipe is authentic yet super easy to try. Watch the video, and you will know. The mere aroma of its gravy is sure to whet anyone’s appetite. If you want to have an authentic Punjabi meal, it doesn’t get much better than this.

This tangy curry is usually enjoyed with poori (deep-fried wheat bread) but tastes just as good with plain chapati.

The video is in Hindi but has English captions and a recap with English slides.

Video credit: FoodFood YouTube channel.


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