Where To Eat Vegan Tacos In Las Vegas: Tacotarian

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Interested in the world’s largest vegan taco? Here it is, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rush to one of the locations of ‘Tacotarian’, the vegan taco restaurant. They have smaller tacos too. Watch this video and see the world’s largest vegan taco.

At the time of updating this page, Tacotarian was operating from four locations in Las Vegas that you can see by clicking this link: https://www.tacotarianlv.com/locations/

The world’s largest vegan taco is made using a freshly baked taco shell which is then stuffed with fresh fries, vegan liquid cheese, refried beans, some kind of protein, veggies, cream, and sauces, etc. There is more on the menu.

According to the Tacotarian website, they serve not just 16 types of vegan taco and a taco platter, but also snacks, soups and salads, sweets, and many other vegan Mexican eats such as burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, etc.

Food from Tacotarian can be ordered online via https://locovegas.coop/#/

It is heartening to know that Las Vegas has food joints such as Tacotarian serving vegan food for those who care.

Video credit: Diana Edelman YouTube channel.


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