Real Milk But No Cows: Remilk Innovation That Will Save Our Planet

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Can you imagine milk that looks and tastes just like dairy milk but does not come from a dairy animal? Yes, it is already possible. This is not plant-based milk such as almond or cashew, or oat milk. This is the real deal. You can make cheese or yogurt (curd) from this milk.

A start-up in Israel is making it happen. Two entrepreneurs – Aviv Wolff and Ori Cohavi, have created ‘Remilk,’ a venture that will give us the world’s cleanest milk – no lactose, no cholesterol, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, and certainly no cruelty.

What Is Remilk?

After copying genes from real cows, the whole process of milk production is reduced to a single microbe. Then, a process called ‘microbial fermentation’ creates milk proteins that are used to craft Remilk.

Remilk is earth-friendly. To produce one liter of regular dairy milk, it takes 1000 liters of water. In comparison, Remilk will need only 10% of the water, 4% of the raw materials, and 1% of the land that regular dairy needs. Besides, Remilk generates only 1% of the waste compared to animal-based dairy.

What About Greenhouse Gases?

Dairy animals produce massive amounts of greenhouse gases. Remilk does not need any dairy animals.


Most importantly, Remilk is 100% cruelty-free.

How Soon We Can Expect To Buy It?

According to Remilk, they are ready and waiting for regulatory approvals and “estimate that approvals will be granted sooner than most expect.” In December 2020, Remilk procured an $11.3M funding to expand production and distribution capabilities.

Remilk Website:

Great News For India

India needs a cruelty-free alternative to dairy milk more than any other country, and Remilk is a sure sign of hope.

In India, dairy products are considered “vegetarian,” which they are not. As India’s human population increases, so does the demand for dairy products. In this scenario, the milk producers try their best to increase production and minimize costs in any way they can.

While the price of milk is an important factor for Indian consumers, sadly, dairy animals’ welfare is not. Everyone seems to ignore the rampant abuse of dairy animals.

The Video

This video on Remilk comes from the ‘Nas Daily’ (Link) and ‘HereWeGo’ (Link) Youtube channels.


    • Actually, I think it is the waiting that is hard. I hope I get to drink this milk and make cheese from it sooner than later.


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