A Beginner’s Guide To Veganism Video

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This is a video guide to veganism with recommendations from the Pick Up Limes YouTube channel. At the beginning of the video, the common apprehensions about a vegan lifestyle are addressed. These are about vegan food not being delicious, or a vegan lifestyle being too expensive, or a vegan person not getting enough nutrients from the food.

It is suggested to approach the vegan life with an open mind. With time, one can adjust to the vegan life as shopping or cooking with vegan ingredients becomes easier and quicker.

The next tip is not to try to be a superhero. As someone switches to veganism, they also try to adopt the other healthy ideas of eating sugar-free, gluten-free, oil-free, etc. Doing everything at the same time becomes a burden. The best way is to switch to vegan food and adopt other ideas slowly.

When it comes to cooking vegan food initially, one should leave some extra time in the schedule to take care of the pressure of learning new stuff.

Also, one should buy and stock up on the essentials so that when it is time to cook some vegan food, the required ingredients are available. These include bread and, plant-based meat alternatives, etc.

One way to make the switch joyful is to focus on the things that will get added to the food rather than on the things taken away. Meat alternatives such as textured vegan proteins, also called mock meats, are easily available, and one can try those to add to the variety of vegan foods.

Lentils and beans should be added to the food slowly, not too much at once. These are high-fiber foods, and a sudden high intake may lead to indigestion.

When cooking vegan food, one should start with only a few recipes that one loves to cook and eat. Over a period of time, one will be able to find more vegan recipes (primarily from Pinterest and YouTube).

There are many more ideas and tips if you decide to watch the video till the end. And if you are starting a vegan lifestyle, it is all helpful.


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