How To Use A Stovetop Espresso Maker

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If you love espresso or filter coffee, the chances are that you already own a stovetop espresso maker, or at least you have considered buying one. The stovetop espresso maker is also known by a popular brand name – ‘Moka Pot,’ and several other brands in the market. In this video, you will see a stovetop espresso maker from the brand ‘Cuisinox.’

This is a handy video for someone who just bought a stovetop espresso maker but did not know how to use it.

Actually, brewing coffee with this espresso maker is very easy. Load water in the lower chamber, but keep it just below the safety valve. Then fill the funnel filter with roast & ground coffee powder. Close the filter and keep it on a stove.

How much heat is needed is perhaps a matter of discussion. In this video, using the maximum heat is recommended. However, I have found that using the stovetop espresso maker at low heat makes stronger coffee. It takes a minute longer at low heat, but the taste of the coffee makes the wait worthwhile. There is nothing to worry about here because once you start using your own stovetop espresso maker, you will know what works best for you.


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