Is Vegan Milk Natural?


Narinder Singh
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Recently, there was a debate among some interested parties in India about whether vegan milk was better than dairy milk or vice-versa. During the debate, the Managing Director of Amul, Mr. R S. Sodhi, referred to vegan milk as “nothing but lab chemicals.”

It was a kind of a sweeping statement because vegan milk and “lab-engineered” milk are actually two different products. The vegan milk currently available is made from natural ingredients, some grains, legumes, or seeds mixed with plain water.

I felt like responding and posted a YouTube shorts video with the title “Is Vegan Milk Natural or Lab chemicals?” Now I think this topic also deserves a website article, and here it is.

Vegan Milk Facts

We can make vegan milk at home with suitable seeds, legumes, or grains and without any artificial chemicals. Let me give a few examples of plant-based milk and what ingredients we need to make them:

Soy-milk: Soybeans and water.

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Almond Milk: Almonds and water.

Cashew Milk: Cashew nuts and water.

Peanut Milk: Peanuts and water.

As it is clear, water is the only “chemical” we need.

Lab-engineered milk, on the other hand, is made using a process called microbial fermentation. It is identical to dairy milk but is free from cholesterol, lactose, hormones, or antibiotics. Lab-engineered milk is not yet commercially available.

But whenever it becomes available, it will be better than dairy milk and it would still be possible to make cheese from it. Here is a video on one company from Israel (Remilk) in the processing of bringing lab-engineered milk to us: Real Milk But No Cows.

And while we eagerly await the commercial launch of lab-engineered milk, we can buy or make plant-based milk ourself, and embrace the idea of health with compassion.

Bonus Content

Contrary to what some of us believe, there are several plant-based sources of complete protein that, individually or in combination, can meet our daily requirement of all the essential amino acids. This YouTube video has the details:

Thank you for reading.

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  1. All the “Cow” milk available in India today is actually the “foreign cow” milk, which is “A1 MILK”. This milk is highly toxic, it leaves deposits of a peptide called BCM7 in the body. This is now said to be cause of numerous degenerative diseases, including but not limited to Diabetes, Cancer……etc. So, called “white revolution” exposed India to this grave problem, now we are in such a poor shape that even our Desi Cows are largely compromised due to cross-breeding. The best self-help anybody in our country can do for themselves is STOP taking the packet milk. If someone really feels they need milk, they should go for Desi Cow or Buffalo milk only, and get those from farmers whom they know well, and can trust them not to pollute the milk with A1 milk.

    Milk in India is now called the “Time Bomb”, already Diabetes and Cancer are exploding in the country. In today’s world, everybody needs to take very good care of themselves and cannot depend on the market for that. As such humans beyond the age of 2 do NOT need to drink milk. However, we do use milk products, Buttermilk, Butter and Ghee. Therefore we still need milk, and we should go for Desi Cow or Buffalo Milk which are A2 milk and safe for human consumption. Even A2 milk has the BCM7 peptide, but it is completely digested and does not form toxic deposits.

    Next to that, people can prepare vegan milk at home. This is the safest approach. Better prepare Vegan milk from Finger millet, Bajra, etc., and not from Almonds. Because Almonds come with some chemical treatment for preservation against ants etc. Take good care of yourselves!!!


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